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PremiumCash Programs
PremiumCash Programs
  • 50% Rev-Share

    We'll send you 50% of every initial membership along with 50% of all rebills for the lifetime of the membership. Every single month the surfer stays we'll send you half of the sale. Due to our high-quality niche sites, retention is great and this form of payment ensures a steady income stream month after month. No console, no popups.
  • $35 Per-Signup

    Every sale you send to our PremiumCash sites will earn you a non-recurring payment of $35. This is a one-shot payment made one time regardless of the amount of rebills made to the surfer's subscription.
  • 5% Webmaster Referral

    For every Webmaster you refer to PremiumCash, you will earn the equivalent of 5% of his lifetime payouts. Referring big webmasters makes for a great guaranteed income. Contact our sales representatives for more information.